Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona | 511Destinations

Glittering like a jewel under the bright Southwestern sun, the dazzling surroundings and the eight months of nearly perfect weather in Phoenix have drawn people to this fascinating Arizona city. It is easy to understand why Phoenix was chosen as the capital of Arizona, Phoenix is an ideal travel destination. It is known for its warm temperatures and low humidity. Lying on flat desert and surrounded by mountains and green irrigated fields, it is a resort, convention, and government center as well as a thriving industrial area.

By day, the sun fairly sparkles, and as evening nears the sunsets splash purple and blazing orange across the vast horizon. It is because of these wondrous sights that Phoenix’s metro area is called the Valley of the Sun. This once sleepy agricultural town is now increasingly active and constantly expanding.

Residents have no qualms about driving 200 miles for a picnic or a swim, and visitors should be prepared to follow their example by securing a rental car in order to get around. There is so much to see and do that you will want to explore in all directions. The highway system is easy to understand and to follow. Even if you don’t venture beyond the downtown area, you will find a surprising energy and level of activity amid the buildings at Van Buren and Third streets in the newly restored and renovated Copper Square area. If you have not visited downtown Phoenix for awhile, the winning combination of quality restaurants, museums, shops, and nightclubs will surely exceed your expectations.

The area’s awesome beauty, from the top of nearby South Mountain to the distinctive Camelback Mountain, eclipses any manmade building. As you stroll through the desert you will be surprised by the abundance of blooming vegetation, and moved by the grandeur of rolling hills that are criss-crossed by hiking trails.

The sun shines all day; the nights are pleasantly cool. There are so many activities and attractions to enjoy while visiting Phoenix. As a vacation spot it pleases both the sophisticated traveler and the casual vacationer.